Training Course in Questioned Handwriting & Document Examination

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The fundamentals of forensic handwriting and document examination designed to equip you with the knowledge necessary to pursue this promising career.


Reed Hayes is a court qualified handwriting and document examiner whose business is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. He has nearly 40 years of handwriting experience, has worked as an international consultant and speaker, and is the author of several handwriting-related publications.

In addition to offering training in forensic document examination, Reed utilizes his handwriting skills in personnel selection, jury screening and litigation support.

Course Overview

The Training Course in Questioned Handwriting and Document Examination covers the basis for handwriting identification as well as principles and theories accepted by document examiners worldwide. It discusses primary handwriting features as well as more complex writing components including movement, rhythm and line quality. Signature evaluation, disguise and anonymous writing are considered, as are ink and printer types, document alterations, typewriting and computer fonts. Students work a number of practical exercises and several actual cases throughout the course.

Reed also offers information about the business of handwriting examination, including extensive material on letters of opinion and presenting testimony. Guidelines, worksheets and comparison charts are provided to facilitate the tasks of writing identification and document analysis.

Upon completion of their studies, graduates of the forensic document examination course are equipped with the knowledge necessary to launch a career in questioned handwriting and document work.

What People Are Saying...

Reed Hayes' questioned handwriting and document course is absolutely superb and worth the cost.  The lessons are informative and interesting; homework is practical and useful; supplemental assignments are challenging; the final exam and practical exercise is thought provoking.  Mr. Hayes' personal interaction, quick response, and cogent explanations make for a pleasant educational experience.  His expertise and experience are unquestionable. This is a "meat and potatoes" course that not only well prepares the novice examiner but is an excellent refresher for the experienced examiner. As a novice document examiner, a Certified Fraud Examiner and a veteran fraud investigator, I encourage everyone working in the field of document examination to take this course.

Frank J. Panepinto, FDE, CFE, CPP, Chief Fraud Investigator, State of Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions