Helen M. Larsen, Esq., Alexandria, VA

I write to commend you for your excellent QDE Course. Your course certainly does have the necessary parts; it is presented professionally, and is truly a pleasure to use both in the groundwork study and challenging supplemental materials. The care with which you put the course together is obvious in every lesson and supplement. However, what motivates me to write is my admiration and appreciation for how you teach. There are many who know a great deal about questioned document examination, but the challenge for the teacher and true value to a QDE student is whether the teacher can effectively impart the knowledge he has. Most students need a teacher who is not only knowledgeable, and you most assuredly are, but one who also knows how to impart the information, including the transfer of subtle nuanced information from so many years of hands on experience. In my opinion, your teaching capability is outstanding in both ways. Thank you for the effective, experienced, rich way you teach. It is invaluable.

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