John Jameson-Davis, Wiltshire, UK

As a graphologist for ten years, I had previously taken on a handful of questioned handwriting cases, but once I started Reed’s comprehensive course I realised how feeble my earlier attempts had been! Reed is a supportive teacher who leads students step-by-step through the process of comparing handwritings. My work was marked and assessed very quickly – I was most impressed. The Course is well written and accessible to anyone not versed in handwriting. There is a wide range of cases taken from real life which students evaluate, and I looked forward to each new assignment: nothing is ever the same in this fascinating discipline! So many factors of Questioned Document Examination are covered in this readable course and there are essential (and very welcome) sections on report writing and preparing to appear in court as an expert witness. I have learnt much studying Reed’s course and I recommend it to anybody with a curious mind, a liking for details and accuracy, and who may be seeking a new direction in life.

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